You’re Guide to the Perfect Sunday Chill.

Sundays are chill days. They are meant for relaxing, and also for adjusting your attitude before heading off to work again on Monday morning. Still, I shouldn’t exactly do nothing, lest I want the dread of Monday Blues to set in early.

So, I paired a few items I believe is essential for a Sunday lazy day. Naturally the pairing needed to go well with Steven Pinker’s The Sense of Style – educational & extremely entertaining.


Gaby's Earth Food - American Mixed Nuts

Gaby’s Earth Food – American Mix: Not only is it healthy, but its super tasty. I’m eating it as we speak.

Woolworths Blueberries

Blueberries: Say “yes” to antioxidants and juicy goodness.


Wilderer Gin: My gin days definitely aren’t restricted to Sundays

Fitch & Leedes Pink Tonic: Because what is gin without a good tonic?


Steven Pinker’s The Sense of Style: There’s nothing like a good book to take your mind away from the worries of tomorrow. Pinker’s book is ideal for writers, be it journalism, academic or creative.

Cat Tower: The tabletop game for cat lovers. It’s easy, it’s quick & it’s fun.

Finally retro toys: Because there’s nothing funnier than an adult(ish) woman failing miserably at childhood games.Ant

And that’s my guide to the perfect Sunday. The only thing missing is my  mom’s home cooked Sunday meals.