About Me

P.S. The “+” is silent.

Hi, I’m Alexa, but my friends call me Lexa, Lexi, Alexaviar, Alexplusa or any variant thereof. As long as you keep it nice, I’ll likely respond to anything.

Welcome to my blog. If you’ve clicked on the “About Me” button I take it that I (hopefully) already caught your curiosity. That makes me happy. I’ll try to keep things exciting, and not lose you with a boring article about why I’m still a fan of bell-bottom jeans. I might however bug you with a lot of literary inspired stories, whether the topic is food, travel or fashion – Most likely Austen or Pratchett sparked the idea.

My page is unique mess, kind of organised, but not too much to ignore the deurmekaar girl inside of me. So, if you’re looking for some weekly lifestyle inspiration, personal rants & nerd news with a major focus on books and fantasy tales, then you’re at the right place.

Also, cats. Let’s talk about that.

Important Facts

I like cheese | I dislike being in the sun | Music | Fangirl | Love winter | Wish I was in Japan right now | I kind of like South Africa | Going to build my own library | I have the same friends I had when I was five years old – A few added additions along the way | Why did Happy Endings stop airing? | Chandler is my role model | Cat Lady | Kids scare me | Married | Married to a brewer | Dublin made me love whiskey | My husband speaks to plants | I find it endearing | Jeju Island seems like a place where my heart will flutter | Gangster rap | Chicken wrap | Red wine + Caffeine

Starter Posts (to get you excited about my life)

1. Six Days in Dublin
2. Homemade Sangria
3. Rafeal: Lebanese in Cape Town