About Me

P.S. The “+” is silent.

Hello Friends,

If you made it to my website. Congratulations! You are now my friend. There are no refunds, but subscriptions could be revoked if A) You are a cat fiend B) You don’t keep it friendly.

I grew up in Grabouw which lead to a lot of “appelkind” comments, and people requesting that I just magically spawn apples into thin air for them. Today, I find myself in the Breedekloof Valley. Still a “platteland kind”, just with more heatstrokes – and still spawning apples.

However, it doesn’t seem to matter where I am, the things I loved as a little girl I still love today. The dreams I had are still there, buried behind heaps of overthinking and anxiety about tax returns – because who knows how SARS really works? If you do – Send help.

So, this is where you will find me. Writing. Telling stories, whether it’s about my trip to Tokyo or a trip to Spar. Stories about eating out and trying on leather pants at H&M, and some stories about the characters digging into my imagination.

Check out my socials for regular updates on my pets, and other creative endeavors.