Last year this time my husband and I visited Simonstad for the long weekend. As a Capetonian I am quite embarrassed to admit that this was indeed my very first time in Simonstad. Especially since this is definitely a gem of location. One that should be visited at least once a year – not once every 27 years.

Boy in coffee shop on his phone, in Simonstad.

We stayed at Mariner Guesthouse for the weekend – accommodation I highly recommend for anyone visiting Simonstad. They had cosy rooms with fantastic views, and delicious breakfast (which is the most important part of any trip). We visited creative cafés, quirky shops, enjoyed local seafood and strolled through the characteristic streets – like only Cape Town can offer.

Girl sitting in coffee shop in Simonstad.

As I mentioned. I visited Simonstad last year, so most of the names of the cafés and shops I visited are lost to me know (as most things are once they enter my mind). I can, however, entice you with these photos from our weekend, tempting you to plan your own trip to Simonstad.

A Gem Called Simonstad

View of Simonstad from Mariner Guesthouse.

View from our room at the Mariner Guesthouse.

View of street in Simonstad.

Street Views

Girl standing on steps in Simonstad.

“The magic of the street is the mingling of the errand and the epiphany.”

Rebecca Solnit

Street view of Simonstad. St George's Buildings in Simonstad. Blue Victorian styled building in Simonstad.

Tasting Adventure

Girl in coffee shop pulling a funny face.

“I’m hungry for a juicy life. I lean out my window at night and I can taste it out there, just waiting for me.”

Brigid Lowry

Barista in coffee shop making coffee.

Water bottle with South African artist's art on it.

Not made in China. I’ve still got this water bottle. A really cool initiative, supporting South African artists.

Live music at a local bar.