Things that get me over-the-moon excited: Kittens, sushi, the moon, bookshops, tulle and tales of wizards (or witches). Naturally, we’re all jumping to Harry Potter here (and rightfully so, as it is still one of my favourite wizarding worlds ever). However, I’m inclined to admit that some of my favourite wizard heroes are in fact from the small, yet rowdy guild in Magnolia Town, Fairy Tail.

“Do fairies really have tails? Do they even exist… Like them this place is an eternal mystery… A never ending adventure”
― Makarov Dreyar

So, for those of you who are not familiar with Manga (or Anime). Fairy Tail is a manga created by Hiro Mashima. The story mainly follows the lives of Lucy and Natsu, both wizards from the illustrious Fairy Tail guild. This wizarding tale is different from most though, as it doesn’t really involve spells, wands and people swooshing around on a broomstick. Think more in the lines of X-Men or Charlie Bone – people with individual “magical” traits and skills, but just more accepted in society, and not referred to as mutants.

Fairy Tail is, as most mangas are, a combination of playful, serious (as in I’ll blow you up with fire serious), sad, funny and heartfelt moments. It’s a powerful and earnest story about people finding solace with each other whilst going on dangerous missions together, and having way too many near-death experiences, but with a light and playful twist to it.

Playful with Fairy Tail

Holding my Fairy Tail manga in my playful outfitWearing a cute dress over my dragon t-shirt.

“There’s nothing happy about having your fate decided for you. You have to grab your own happiness.”

Fairy Tail inspired shootFairy Tail inspired look.Fairy Tail inspired fashion.

“Mages of Fairy Tail specialise in property damage”

Fairy Tail inspired outfit for the day.

Got this lovely Dragon from Pink Peanut Butter at the 2017 FanCon in CapeTown

Style inspired by Fairy Tail

The manga is available at Bargain Books, Canal Walk.

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